Learn from the professionals how to maintain your bike and stay safe

With Spring just around the corner and the fading memory of those chilling winter winds and downpours your thoughts could be turning to the appealing prospect of a scenic ride though the countryside with your family. You might even be riding your bike as part of a fitness programme getting ready for those summer holidays or considering doing a charity ride.Family cycling in spring.jpg

Whatever your motivation, it may be a long time since you tinkered with your bike preparing it for the road or trail, or heaven forbid, suffered a ‘mechanical’ as the professional riders call them, whilst enjoying a ride out miles from home. So without the support of a team car full of trained mechanics to call on, what are your options?

Well fortunately, there are facilities where the professional bicycle mechanics go to learn their skills and gain professional accreditation. These facility at ATG Training are now available to you. On a training programme in the fully equipped workshop you can learn the art of maintaining your bike from the people who train the UK’s professional cycle mechanics. The Home Mechanic training is an accredited short course which is designed to give bike enthusiasts a good level of mechanical ability covering a comprehensive range of cycle maintenance areas. It’s a two day course, led by an experienced instructor who will guide you through a varied mix of demonstrations and practical exercises.

The Cytech Home Mechanic course is packed with skills training, which might seem like a lot to get through but as the largest provider of cycle maintenance training in the country, we have the expertise to make it fun and effective! Our professionally-equipped workshops provide an ideal environment for you to learn to be able to maintain your own pride and joy!

Completing this course will give you the confidence to carry out repairs and servicing that would otherwise be handled by a local bike shop, but will also teach you when a task should be carried out by a trained technician. If you attend the course you will cover areas of bicycle repair and maintenance that can be completed outside of a bicycle workshop, either at home or when riding, using a basic tool kit. It is meant as a starting block if you are unfamiliar with cycle repair to be able to tackle basic jobs and know which jobs would be better performed by a qualified technician. It also provides you with an understanding of the terminology, trouble shooting, set-up and adjustment of a bicycle, what parts are most likely to need regular replacement and how to care for the bicycle for optimal performance and reliable cycling.

Why not take advantage of the unique ATG Training facility by booking a Cytech accredited Home Mechanic training course. They are available all year round and some even run on weekends too.

To find out more visit www.atg-training.co.uk/homemechanic or call 01296 737800 info@atg-training.co.uk

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