Apprenticeships: Learning For Life, Without The Student Debt

It’s entirely understandable why a young person would not want to take their steps upATG_earning_091014 the career ladder burdened by a £45,000 student debt. Although the payback terms are not like other loans, it’s still more money, alongside income tax and national insurance, that is not making its way into your bank.

That’s just one of the reasons why more school and college leavers are turning towards apprenticeships. Much like university, an apprenticeship allows you to gain valuable training and qualifications that will be transferable throughout your working life. The difference is, however, that you’ll be paid for the privilege of learning.

At university you might be encouraged to get out into the workplace to gain experience to supplement your learning. But with an apprenticeship, you’ll be gaining invaluable knowledge of how business works all the time – ingraining a sense of what it means to work full time.

Many point to the social life and the long holidays as reasons why they lean towards university. However, for those serious about getting ahead in an increasingly competitive climate, such reasoning seems to have little weight.

Plus, as many apprentices will tell you, there’s the potential to have a great social life through meeting lots of different people at work – many of whom will be in the same position as you.

For those considering their options, the key lies in arming yourself with as much information as possible and getting a sense of what the marketplace offers. Just don’t be fooled into thinking apprenticeships are inferior intellectually. Just like university, the best courses will attract the high achievers obtaining the top grades at school.


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