IAC Members To Participate In BIS Roundtable On Future Of Apprenticeships

Skills Minister Matthew Hancock is scheduled to meet today with the organisation speaking on behalf of UK industry apprentices. The government team responsible for apprenticeships will hear more of what the Industry Apprentice Council (IAC) has to say about the future of vocational training, H&V News has reported.ATG_parliament_180713

The IAC was set up earlier this year by Ann Watson, managing director of awarding organisation EAL. The aim of its creation was to give industry apprentices a national voice, allowing them to participate in the apprenticeship debate and provide input on matters related to government policy and strategies to promote apprenticeships.

The IAC, which comprises 14 youngsters from various sectors, sent its official response to the Richard Review in May. The document received by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) contained views on the implementation of grading and assessment, ways of supporting employers’ efforts to engage trainees and thoughts on whether offsite learning should become mandatory.

Following the receipt of a personal invitation from Hancock, the IAC will join a roundtable discussion centred on the Richards Review. The young apprentices will submit their recommendations, expanding on the topics addressed in their official response.

Watson said the EAL was extremely pleased that industry apprentices would be directly involved in shaping the future of UK apprenticeships. This discussion presents IAC members with the outstanding opportunity to voice their opinion on government policy and contribute to revolutionising the vocational pathway for all UK learners. The IAC will be doing the very thing it was established to do: speak on behalf of industry apprentices and pave the way for more young Britons to take up apprenticeships, Watson added.


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