NAS Unveils New Resources For Employers To Help With Apprentice Recruitment

The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) announced on Friday the launch of several new measures that aim to provide guidance for employers and help them recruit apprentices.

To begin with, the collection has been expanded with the addition of two new films:ATG_apprentice_300713 “How to hire an apprentice” and “Why hire an apprentice.” The NAS has used real employers’ stories to address issues such who to approach initially, the importance of evaluating business needs, the selection of the right training provider and the way to begin recruiting.

The list of new measures also includes Jason Holt’s appointment as Apprenticeship Ambassador for smaller companies. And there is a new online search tool (“Find an Apprenticeship Training Organisation”), which provides employers with new data on training organisations. This means that companies will be able to find local training providers with ease. Another new tool, AV Live, makes it easy to get information on apprenticeship vacancies. AV Live, which is currently in beta trial, automatically updates and displays this data.

NAS chief executive David Way said that these new resources offered employers easy access to all the information they require in order to recruit an apprentice. The NAS is hopeful that its additional help will make more employers realise the benefits of apprenticeships and encourage them to take on apprentices, Way added.

Earlier on Friday, it was announced that the £1500 apprenticeship grant would be extended for another year. This is paid to companies with fewer than 1,000 employees for hiring apprentices aged 16 to 24. Thanks to the grant, more than 30,000 young people have been given the opportunity to join apprenticeship programmes, the NAS said.

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