UK To See Growth Of Over 50% In Apprentice Numbers By 2018

The number of apprentices in the UK is projected to reach 800,000 within five years, amounting to growth of more than 50%, Online Recruitment magazine has reported.

The forecast comes from Alexander Mann Solutions, a globally operating specialist in talentATG_apprentices_010813 acquisition and management. Its head of client services, Tim Campbell, was named Apprenticeship Ambassador for the Mayor of London. As Campbell told OnRec, a growing number of bright young Britons are choosing apprenticeships instead of university and this is great news for employers. In fact, both parties stand to reap significant benefits. Companies get motivated, enthusiastic new employees, while apprentices get to build valuable workplace skills and confidence. Campbell noted that about 80% of employers consider the presence of apprentices among their staff as conducive to greater productivity.

In 2012 the UK apprentice army numbered 520,600, which translates into an increase of 14% compared to 2011. In addition, almost 75% of apprentices now finish their training successfully as opposed to 50% in 2006.

At present, the most popular sectors among apprenticeship candidates are business administration and retail. They jointly account for over 50% of all apprenticeships. Next on the popularity list are healthcare, public services, engineering, manufacturing and construction. The sharpest increase in apprentice numbers has been recorded in London, where the growth rate is estimated at an impressive 132%. Second place is occupied by the North East with a similarly impressive expansion of 107%. The South West has made the smallest progress but its 60% rise in apprentice numbers is still a solid result.

Having seen the figures, Stephen Smyth, spokesman for ATG Training remarked that the growth in employer confidence had been reflected in the number of Apprenticeship vacancies seen on the website  However, many roles are due to close, so young people should apply before they took their holidays as the opportunities will be closed soon.

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