Upcoming Campaign Aims To Raise Profile Of Engineering Among Young People

ATG Training – the training provider steeped in the Engineering sector – identifed that the UKATG_youngengineer_011013 will find it extremely difficult to compete on a global scale unless it develops a solid base of engineering talent. In order to achieve this, the country needs to educate young people about the exciting career opportunities awaiting them in the engineering sector according to spokesman Stephen Smyth.

Realising the importance of spreading the message, the government and industry representatives are pushing that agenda forward with Tomorrow’s Engineers Week.

EngineeringUK, one of the industry bodies sponsoring the campaign, estimates that the engineering sector will need to fill 2.74 million positions by the end of the decade. But this will not be possible unless more school children, especially girls, are persuaded to pursue a career in engineering. There are too few at present going for degrees or apprenticeships leading to such careers, EngineeringUK said.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week will run from 4 November to 8 November, setting itself the task of altering perceptions not only among young people but also parents and teachers. The government is involved through the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), which has been joined by leading engineering companies, industry organisations and the best and brightest among the UK’s young engineers. Their primary objective is to reverse antiquated negative perceptions, with a special focus on promoting engineering careers among women. The organisers will also seek to demonstrate that engineering plays an important part in the daily life of young people.

A lot of the activities planned have been designed with that objective in mind. Young engineering ambassadors will demonstrate the wide range of job opportunities available, while round tables and discussions will highlight the need for developing future talent and attracting more young people to the sector.

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Campaign Aims To Raise Profile Of Engineering Among Young People

  1. As a parent of a son who is desperate to get onto an Engineering Apprenticeship, where will Tomorrows Engineers Week be held, are there going to be venues countrywide? We live in Medway, Kent.

  2. Hi Julie, this link is to the campaign website and the events that will be happening in your part of the country http://www.tomorrowsengineers.org.uk/get_involved/engineering_outside_the_classroom/south_east_england.cfm If you head to the home page, you could see if you could engage your local school. The National Apprenticeship Service also has a vacancy website where all roles are posted. That link is here: https://apprenticeshipvacancymatchingservice.lsc.gov.uk/navms/Forms/Candidate/Apprenticeships.aspx Of course ATG Training also posts vacancies some of which can be in your area, though we are Thames Valley based, were the majority of vacancies we uncover are situated. http://atgapprenticeships.com/

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