NAS Taps Young Digital Talent To Promote Apprenticeship Agenda

Technology plays a central role in young people’s lives and the National Apprenticeship

Facebook login page

Facebook login page

Service (NAS) plans to make the most of this. Through the freshly launched “Can you hack it as an apprentice” design challenge, the NAS will kill two birds with one stone: bringing apprenticeships to the attention of more young people while giving young people themselves the chance to demonstrate their creative potential.

The competition will involve the design and development of a Facebook app or game, the plan being to have the prototype ready for launch in late summer. The five best ideas will be shortlisted and each developer will get £3,000 to bring their design to a prototype beta stage. Once testing is done, the winning developer will be granted another £10,000 to complete his or her work. The NAS will launch the product on its Facebook page in August. The competition is open to developers aged between 16 and 24 and entry forms must be submitted by 24 May 2013.

With the help of the new app or game, the NAS is aiming to increase awareness of apprenticeships and thus boost the number of young Britons entering vocational training. The initiative also seeks to address employer demands for high quality of apprenticeship applications.

The NAS has chosen to break with tradition, which would have seen the development task assigned to a creative agency. It said that by opting for an alternative course of action, the organisation is giving young people the chance to spread their creative wings and deliver a product for their peers.

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Apprentices provide better income for businesses

Chief Executive Ian Harper was recently asked to comment on the youth unemployment figures by the BBC and Independent radio stations across the country.

The media were keen to counterpoint the potentially gloomy figures with the success story of Apprenticeships, especially in light of the UK Government’s support for vocational training in general. ATG Training were approached to provide depth to the story.

The link below is to the BBC Oxford interview which aired during the evening drive time during December 2011.

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