Former ATG Apprentice Andy Neate Makes It Into Hall Of Fame

At the age of 16, many people have no clear idea of what they want to do in life. It is possible that Andy Neate had no idea as well, but the Aylesbury lad has come a long way since then. While many people will know him as a BTCC driver, Andy is in the focus this week for his remarkable achievements as an engineer. The seeds of that success were sown when he left school at 16 and started an engineering apprenticeship with ATG Training. Andy is now chief technology officer of Ceravision and the proud inventor of the ground-breaking high efficiency plasma (HEP) technology. He is also among the inductees to the Apprenticeship Hall of Fame, sharing the honour with a group of successful Britons whose glittering careers began with apprenticeships, IP Tech Race Engineering reports.

Andy is in the company of former apprentices like celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, Olympic gold medal winner Rebecca Adlington, gardening expert and TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh and Mercedes Formula One team principal Ross Brawn. This eclectic mix reflects the diverse opportunities and enormous potential of apprenticeships as a career starting point.

Andy firmly believes that his resounding success as an engineer is rooted in his beginnings as an electronics apprentice. He does not believe he would be in his present position without the support and guidance received during his training. Andy has remained a staunch advocate of apprenticeships and will continue to promote this career route. As a former apprentice and a current employer, he will bring his experience to bear as patron of a national engineering apprenticeship organisation that is expected to launch this summer.

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It’s Day 3 of National Apprenticeship Week 2012!

If you haven’t already logged on to our website,, and looked at the wide range of Apprenticeship vacancies we’re currently recruiting for, then do it now!

There are oportunities in fashion, marketing, gardening and manufacturing.

If you need any advice, call 0845 8949530 and we’ll be happy to help!

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Get inspired, get fit!

I’m writing this after a lovely ride in on my Mountain Bike down the towpath from where I live in Tring.
I’ve seen countless Herons, a nesting Swan, a Guilimot (I think) Ponys grazing lazily in the feilds and Canal boats bobbing gently on the err.. Canal
I have arrived at work in a good mood, ready for the day and feeling that bit fitter!

This got me thinking, how hard would it be for YOU to do the same?
If you own a bike, all it takes is a little forward planning and a slightly earlier start.
We have a fully equipped class leading Cycle workshop to deal with any mechanical woes you may have and all the facilities you could need here to make your pedal journey to work a happy one (even if it’s tipping down!)

So there really is no excuse! Why not give it a try? I’m more than happy to take a few mins out of my day to help you get started, so why not make it a VERY late New Years resolution.

You’ll thank me for it!!!


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It’s not easy being green

“It’s not easy being green” a colleague says this morning.  Wrong.  It is easy. 

Director of Learning and Skills

Not to abandon private cars, holidays or the other life-changing things – they are difficult for most.  But to turn a light off, shut down a computer, turn the heating down a degree, empty your car boot of rubbish, drive 5mph slower?  Easy. 

These are all marginal changes that accumulate to major savings and help the environment.  And none of them impinge upon personal freedoms or cause any great inconvenience. 

ATG occupies a large, air-conditioned, well-lit building.  It needs to if it is to provide comfortable premises suitable for its excellent courses.  We will work to reduce our energy consumption this year.  By every one of 82 staff making their own marginal saving.  We can feel proud of the environmental impact and share in the financial benefit.

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