The Apprentice speaks!


When Jules asked me to write a blog for the ATG website I didn’t know where to begin. After some thought I realised that I should share my first experiences here.

 On my first day I was pretty nervous as I didn’t have any experience as a cycle mechanic!!!

Walking into the workshop for the first time was very daunting; there were tools that I had never seen before. Jules and Mat made me feel really welcome, like there was no pressure to rush and cram everything into my head all at once. As time went on I started to use these random tools that only do one job and cost loads! I started to gain knowledge into what the tools are and how to use them. This Knowledge made me feel much more relaxed; I still had to do the usual boring jobs like:

  • Hoovering;
  • Cleaning;
  • And a huge amount of photocopying…

 It was cool though because it made me feel like I had contributed to the way that the workshop looks. Even now I’m obsessed with how clean the workshop is.

 So far I am really enjoying it at ATG, it is so much better the college and I am going to make the most of it while I’m still here…

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