Why should I recruit an ATG Apprentice?

I want to ask you if you have ever considered hiring an apprentice for your company and explain to you why an ATG APPRENTICE is a WORK READY Apprentice.
One of the common oppositions that ATG receives from employers is that whilst they would be happy to employ an apprentice, they often feel that the initial few months involves a lot of development and support from the employer in order to get the apprentice up to speed in the job that they were hired to do. This leads to many employers seeking other ‘quick fix’ options, such as using recruitment agencies or other expensive recruitment methods to hire experienced (and more expensive) employees.
This is where a WORK READY ATG APPRENTICE has helped change employers opinions. At ATG, an ATG APPRENTICE is treated like an employee whilst they train with us. From day one, they ‘work’ between 3 – 6 months full time, on a Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm week, and spend 3.5 half days physically working on the practical skills required to do the job in their chosen vocation. This practical experience is backed up by a further 1.5 days a week in the classroom, and in most cases, a varied and diverse two week work experience placement.

Ok, I can see that ATG APPRENTICES are trained differently, but why should my business hire an ATG APPRENTICE?

Many organisations shy away from discussing the key element that most benefits their company. The simple fact of the matter is that an ATG APPRENTICE is a cheap, skilled and effective labour supply.
An ATG APPRENTICE is WORK READY. They can already undertake a large number of job duties in their chosen field and will have already gained a good level of qualification (both a technical certificate and an NVQ level 2.) This means that they require little supervision to get them up to speed and then start generating your business an income.
The cost of hiring and then employing an apprentice is considerably more cost effective than hiring a more experienced employee. If you build in recruitment costs, and the enhanced wages that will pay experienced employees, whilst you will usually see a more immediate return on your investment, the medium to long term return on your investment is dwarfed by the return you would get from investing in the development of an apprentice. You will need to spend some of your time developing the apprentice to meet your company’s needs which does have a cost implication, but in the medium to long term, the financial return will be worth it.

So, if I do decide to hire, what are my commitments to the ATG APPRENTICES’ Further education?

 ATG will take care of their further and continued education. All we ask is that you offer them a varied and diverse work experience in a safe working environment and that you allow them a maximum of one day a week over a 14 month period to continue their education in order to further boost their portfolio of useful vocational skills.

What support can I get?

The education of your apprentice is covered by the government. Over a 3 year period, the government will contribute nearly £15,000 to the education of the apprentice.  There are periodic incentives from the government and local charity organisations that will offer financial support to employers who wish to hire an ATG APPRENTICE. Visit our website www.atg-training.co.uk for the latest news on these incentives.

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