Aston Clinton Scout Group gain Cytech experience

As part of their preparation for riding the annual Wheel Power Tour De Vale ride, Aston Clinton Scout Group paid a visit to the Cycle Academy at ATG Training in Aylesbury to learn some tricks of the trade.

Jules Thrasher, who is a cycle maintenance guru delivers the training to professional cycle mechanics from all over the UK, was on hand to help the boy and girl scouts learn what to check on their bikes for safety. Using the principles of the ‘M check,’ the Aston Clinton scouts all reviewed their machines for the prime safety requirements.

Scout Leader David Wall outlined the programme that the Scouts were following over the coming months. ‘Cycle safety is a paramount concern of ours and when we heard about the Cycle Academy in ATG Training it was an obvious place to go in preparation for our training rides along the Marsworth Canal tow path next week. It was great to hear from such an experienced trainer as Jules what to look out for as a precursor to setting out on a bike ride. He was also able to show the Scouts what to do in the event of a puncture whilst out on a ride. We learnt a lot during the evening and I’m sure this will help on the Tour De Vale in June’.

The Scouts plus their Leaders visited the Cycle Academy workshop, each bringing their own bike to check. They were able to find a few faults to adjust and were given access to the tools in the workshop to make the adjustments required. This then became a quick and easy task, now they know what to look for.

Ian Harper - CEO ATG Training

Ian Harper

Ian Harper – CEO of ATG Training said: ‘It was such a pleasure to see the Scouts keen to learn how to maintain their bikes. Their enthusiasm to pick up the basic maintenance techniques was encouraging and I’m sure will stand them in good stead over the summer cycling adventures they are planning’.

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