Information and Advice Drop-in Session

Information and Advice Drop-in Session

Future Centre

Future Centre

Thursday 25th November 2010
2.30pm to 4.30pm

ATG Training, Future Centre, Smeaton Close, Aylesbury, HP19 8SZ

Get free, objective and impartial career advice from our Learner Support Team.

For anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in one of the following industry sectors:

• Business and Administration
• Children’s Care, Learning and Development
• Customer Service and Retail
• Cycle Maintenance
• Electrical Installation
• Management (including Team Leading)
• Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
• IT User and IT Practitioner
• Warehousing and Storage Operations

Call us on 01296 737800 or e-mail:

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Everything you wanted to know about Derailleurs, but was afraid to ask

This guy has had far too much time on his hands!!!! He has put together a website museum totally dedicated to the rear mech. Yes an AtoZ of all things rear derailleur, I bet you didn’t know there was so many to choose from? This is the bible of derailleurs for all you dedicated cycle mechanics, and altogether cycle geeks. Not only has he posted great photos, but found technical documents,Illustrations and some trivia on most of them.  Have a look, I dare you, once you enter you won’t ever return. I reckon there is enough info here for a whole Cytech technical Two training module!!!

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Just you against the clock…

What’s it like to put yourself against the clock?

Well I had to find out! Having challenged myself to see how far I could ride in a given ammount of time through riding Sportives I thought I’d see how quick I was in a discipline of Cycling called Time Trialing (TT for short).

TT’s are full of people in skinsuit type lycra with ‘funny’ aero type bikes and pointy aero helmets. I don’t own either of these things, but decided to enter to see how quick my ‘normal’ road bike and ‘normal’ helmet could go.

I entered the 20km event held at Blenheim Palace the weekend before last, feeling pretty well prepared, but not as fast as I have been because I had been taken out by a virus the week before hand.

The day of the event dawned a wet and wild day, with torrential rain and high winds. Not the ideal conditions to be out in, let alone riding your bike against the clock!

Condtions aside, Cyclists are a hardy bunch and there was a good turn out of riders for the Sportive and the TT events.

My time to TT rolled around quite quickly and I felt like a pro rider being held up at the start by a Marshall while the time keeper counted me in… “Ten…” (don’t think about how much this is going to hurt…) “Five…” (I hope I don’t crash or puncture…) “Three…” (Breathe!!!) “GO!!!!” and I was off like the clappers, pedalling as fast as my little legs would take me.
My mission was to overtake as many riders as possible and to keep my average speed as high as possible.
So with grim determination I tried to ignore the pain in my legs and the bad weather and got on with the job in hand.

The TT was three laps of the Blenheim Palace and I felt every one! The finish line was a welcome sight, I don’t think I’ve pushed myself that hard for a while!!!

I placed 5th in Category for my efforts which I’m really pleased with. You can see me sporting the ‘Le Peleton Rose’ team jersey, a team kit designed by Matthew Taber from the Suffolk Cycle Surgery.

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Cycle Show

ATG Training Cycle Academy team field customer enquiries

The Cycle Show at Earls Court this year proved to be very busy for the  ATG Training Cycle Academy team.

Four days of full on customer facing enquiries where fielded, helping trade, press and customers gain a better understanding of the high quality cycle maintenance training that is available throughout the UK.The Fastest Wrench competition proved to be very popular and highly competitive, with some of the contestants having their efforts captured on video. You can see some of these on the ATG Training Cytech Facebook page.

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It’s time for another of ATG-Trainings renowned ‘Tool of the week’!

This week I am nominating the Rockshox shock pump. “But why?!” I hear you cry… well, your fully suspended air sprung bike would be pretty useless without one, that’s why!!

I like the fact that it is compact enough to fit in your trail pack without too much weight penalty and, like a featherweight boxer, it packs a pretty mean punch for its size, packing up to 300 P.S.I for those of us who like cakes and pies as much as we do riding.

It’s a tool everyone can use, but like with all tools, an experienced toolmeister knows a few extra bits of info about the humble shock pump.

Did you know for example, that the ‘hiss’ from the shock when you remove the shock pump, is actually from the pipe of the shock pump rather than the air can? What theneedle says on the dial is what is in the shock, the reason it reads 5-10 P.S.I lower is that the air has to travel from the shock, through the hose and THEN register the dial.

Also, when you screw the shock pump onto the valve, make sure you thread it on until the needle registers and only a half to three quarters of a turn after this. Turning it any more could damage the threads on the valve and your shock pump.

So, there we have it, a Simple to use, compact, indespensible tool. More than enough reason for it to deserve the ‘tool of the week’ accolade!

Fancy becoming an ‘experienced toolmeister’? then get your backside booked on a course with us here at ATG-Training!!!

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Uphill battle in Swiss Alps

The fourth round of the World Cup circuit was contested this past weekend in Champéry, Switzerland, in the Alps near the
Swiss, Italian and French borders. The race also served as a precursor to the world championship event that will be held there
in September 2011.
The course in Champéry is already one of the most technical on the circuit. A true mountain
biker’s course complete with rocks, roots, drops, and steep descents; all of which present a challenge
even in the most perfect conditions. That was before the previous days rain turned the
course into a peanut butter mess, which had the riders now even more worried about keeping
themselves from crashing.

For Willow, it reminded her of her trails back in Asheville, so she felt confident about her fitness
and bike handling. And it showed early on, as she was part of the early break-away group on the
first lap. She and two other riders opened up a gap on the rest of the field, and continued to do
so for the next five laps. Headed into the final two laps where the three riders separated, with
Willow trailing in third. She chased hard to try and catch second who was her biggest threat for
the leader’s jersey. She managed to close the gap, but could only halve the distance before the
finish. She still remains in second overall in World Cup standings, now just trailing by 15 points.
Unfortunately for Heather, her race did not go as envisioned. She was involved in a opening lap
tangle with another rider, that saw her get spun completely around into oncoming racers. They bumped her around like a pinball.

Once the chaos cleared she found herself almost dead last in the field of over 100 starters. Furiously, she chased to try and get
back towards the front of field. At the end of the first lap she was eighty-eight. Her push caused her to fade a bit on the finals
laps as her energy levels from the accelerated efforts. She managed to claw her way back up to forty-third by the end of the
race. A salvageable result, she now stands seventeenth overall.
The course did manage to dry out a bit more for the men’s event that followed, which made Jeremy,
Sam and Russell a bit happier. Granted both Sam and Jeremy, respectively felt that “
our bikes were perfect on the course; with full mud tires mounted on our big wheels it was like
riding around on a tank (in a good way).” “The bike floated through deep mud very well, and was
also a very confidence inspiring setup, which made a big difference on such a technical course.”
Both riders managed to move up into the top-30 on the initial lap which buoyed well for them.
JHK just could not bridge up to the top-20 group that was just ahead of him. However, he was
pleased with his 22nd place finish, having gain more than 31 spots from the start. This was best
world cup result of the season, which helped to boost his morale and confidence for late season
racing form.
Unlike his teammate who managed to advance throughout the race, Sam started to fade mid-race and had to try and fight tooth-and-nail to keep from getting passed by other racers, itching to get by. He managed to hold off most challengers and only loose five spots from his initial 43rd start. He’s looking forward to a re-do opportunity this coming world cup race weekend. Handicapped with a high start number of 145th out of 175 entries, Russell made strong headway in the field and moved up to 109th before being pulled with two laps remaining in the race.
For only his first season of racing elite category, his development is proceeding nicely. The team’s world cup schedule now has them travelling across the border to Italy and the ski region of Val di Sole, site of the 2008 MTB World Championships. Stay tuned for more news as the 2010 Subaru-Trek team races around the globe.

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London Partnership

A recent article in Bike Biz stated that Cycle Systems Ltd (formerly Bike Doctor) in London had forged a partnership with ATG Training in order to offer funded Cytech provision in the city.

It’s not true!

We have had initial discussions with Cycle Systems Ltd to look at ways in which they could deliver Cytech training in conjunction with us but that’s about the limit for now!

For now, ATG Training remain the provider of Cytech training and government funded training in the UK.

A revised article will appear in the next issue of Bike Biz and is already online.

Revised Cycle Systems Ltd and ATG Training article here.

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Cycles sales the best for the last six months

The British Retail Consortium reported for total UK retail sales growth in October with like for like cycle retail sales growth increased to 7.3% in the specialist sector in October, the highest growth rate in the last 6 months and nearly double the 3.8%.

This is encouraging news for the Cycle Training sector, with even more consumers needing to have their pride and joys serviced correctly.

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