Level 3, this time it’s road…

Those of you following us here at ATG-Training will know that we ran our first Level 3 course that was aimed purely at the road scene last week.

What a week it was! We started out by building factory wheels from DT Swiss Shimano and Mavic and showed how to lace Snowflake, Crows Foot and Three leading three trailing patterns. We also showed learners how to tie and solder and correctly install tubulars.

We had a day focusing on the technical developments of the road bike and discussed things like frame materials and geometrys, how to switch a set up from one bike to another bike so that it rides exactly how the last set up did and looked breifly at the different types of fit system there are to fit bike to rider. We also demonstrated the correct steps to take to perfect clipless pedal set up and worked out the similarities and differences between gear inches from a standard and compact chainset.

The last couple of days were devoted to high end groupsets. Learners had the chance to experience the latest from Shimano (Dura-Ace 7900 and Di2) Sram (Force) and Campagnolo (Record) learning how the different gruppos required different installation and set up techniques and how to get the maximum from them with a great looking set up that a Pro would be proud of.

Everyone had a fantastic week and learned loads of valuable tips that will see them achieving a great riding road bike – every time!

If you fancy learning more about the Road bike, then book yourselves onto Level 3 road!

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The World’s your Oyster…

Here’s an uplifting story for the Monday blues (if you have them that is!!)

A few months ago, Tony Pushman attended his Cytech Level 2 with us here at ATG-Training. He had come over from Jersey where he worked at Magnus Backstedts shop, Big Maggys.
Whilst out on one of our after work on road rides (I think we had stopped to swap a punctured Tubular at the time) Tony mentioned that he had been asked to work in a mechanical support capacity on Nigel Mansells epic tour of Britain (1200 miles in 13 days) for the charity UK youth.

Tony was lucky enough to ride some of the stages with Magnus and Nigel, although he was always kept busy fixing the mechanical gremlins (he now considers himself a dab hand with Shimano Di2!!) and cleaning the bikes to keep them ‘showroom’

It seems he had a great time and they even found time to visit Nigels old F1 team Williams for a trip down memory lane.

I caught up with Tony at the Cycle show and he’s off to Africa next week to ride a double century!! Sounds like the perfect tonic for the changing weather of the UK.
'Big Maggie' himself draughting the tech support car at 80KPH!!Magnus and Nigel enjoy a post ride pint (out of shot... probably :) )

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Cycle Show

ATG Training Cycle Academy team field customer enquiries

The Cycle Show at Earls Court this year proved to be very busy for the  ATG Training Cycle Academy team.

Four days of full on customer facing enquiries where fielded, helping trade, press and customers gain a better understanding of the high quality cycle maintenance training that is available throughout the UK.The Fastest Wrench competition proved to be very popular and highly competitive, with some of the contestants having their efforts captured on video. You can see some of these on the ATG Training Cytech Facebook page.

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Ultimate Bike Upgrade

I was sent this link from one of my Ex candidates, (Jam at Fred Williams cycles) Its a cool Company who can design a personalised Head Badge for your Steed, and other Cycle related jewelery/dog tags.  Jam had a personalised Stem spacer designed, to mark the birth of his new baby daughter, Arrrr hey.  www.headbadges.com

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Tesco make a move

Tesco have announced in  Bike Biz their intention to enter the bike market. We have been working closely with Tesco for a while now, developing and delivering technical training to help them gain the skills to avoid the pitfalls that have become other supermarket chains.

Their plans and marketing clout should help put more backsides in the saddle which should be good news for all.

Read the Tesco story here.

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Cash for your young mechanic?

Some very good news for those who are thinking about taking a young apprentice on. There’s currently a fairly healthy cash incentive available to grease the cogs and make it happen.

ATG Training can help you receive £2500 if you would like to take on a 16 or 17 year old cycle maintenance apprentice.

Act quickly though, like all good things…..

Find out more about this 16 and 17 year old apprentice scheme here

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Cycles sales the best for the last six months

The British Retail Consortium reported for total UK retail sales growth in October with like for like cycle retail sales growth increased to 7.3% in the specialist sector in October, the highest growth rate in the last 6 months and nearly double the 3.8%.

This is encouraging news for the Cycle Training sector, with even more consumers needing to have their pride and joys serviced correctly.


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Fault finding test

Think you’re a top mechanic?

Our roving assessor in the SW of England witnessed a customer bringing this bike into a store he was visiting. The customer explaied that the brakes didn’t seem to be working quite as they should and requested the mechanic to see what could be dome to imporve the performance.

Use your skills and powers of deduction to solve the mystery…

use your powers of decuction to solve the mystery

use your powers of decuction to solve the mystery

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quick funding guide

With the ever changing funding criteria um, ever changing, we have produced a quick guide to help you see what might be available to you.

We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible but sometimes even we struggle to keep up!

The apprenticeship programme is available to individuals aged between 16 and 24 as long as they don’t hold a degree. Places are pretty limited so availability changes on a daily basis.

Train to Gain is available to anyone aged 19+ regardless of prior level of qualification.

Read the guide to funded cycle maintenance qualifications in more detail here.

We’re happy to talk you through the options, just contact us for more info (details on the main website).

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