Boris Johnson Doubles Apprenticeship Incentive for London SMEs

London Mayor Boris Johnson aims to bolster the uptake of apprenticeships by small andATG_BorisJohnson_180613 medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the capital by doubling the grant normally available to employers recruiting an apprentice. Johnson has set aside £1.5 million for that purpose in a move that could help a thousand young people join apprenticeship programmes at London companies, has reported.

Companies taking on an apprentice typically receive an incentive payment amounting to £1,500. However, Johnson is offering SMEs £3,000 as part of his campaign to create more employment opportunities for young Londoners. Johnson recently provided further evidence of his support for apprenticeships by launching a scheme that allows apprentices to reduce their London travel costs by as much as 30%.

As a result of Johnson’s work with the National Apprenticeship Service, the number of apprenticeships created in the capital since 2010 has exceeded 100,000. The mayor has set himself the goal of lifting that number to 250,000 by the end of 2016.

Commenting on the latest initiative, Johnson pointed out that SMEs were the backbone of London’s economy and a key provider of employment opportunities for local young people. Businesses that have recruited apprentices are already aware of the benefits to be had, including a boost to profitability. The aim is to encourage more companies to join the apprenticeship push. The latest incentive is targeted at SMEs, and business owners from all over London should grab the opportunity it presents. As they reap the benefits associated with apprentices, local SMEs will also help drive the wider London economy, Johnson added.

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Smartphone App

The new ATG Training i-phone app is now available from the i-tunes market. Just search ATG Training and you will find it. Smartphone App home page screen
Alternatively follow this link.
The app features
•         Part of a bike
•         Cytech Training course information
•         120 question quiz, broken into 10 random questions bite sized peices
•         Google maps of the training venues
•         Our social media pages
•         Contact information with direct phone and emails from the app 
It is free to download. An Android version will shortly be available too for those of you who have that technology.

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London Bike Show – Free Prize Draw Winners

The London Bike Show returned bigger and better than ever for its second year at the ExCel, London.

There was a much larger bike presence than the previous year, with the cycle’s area dominating a whole hall.

The ACT were at the show to promote WorkRiders, the new cycling to work programme, and ATG Training, ActSmart’s partner Cytech provider.

The ACT partnered with the London Bike Show to support the Cycling Stage which was host to Cytech demonstrations delivered by ATG Training, guest speakers and auctions throughout the four day show.

Cytech Technical Advice ActSmart’s runner up Partner of the Year 2011, and Cytech Training Providers, ATG Training were on hand at the Cycling Stage to offer technical advice and carry out demonstrations. The demos were a huge success with crowds gathering to learn about everything from preparing your bike for commuting to truing a wheel.

 After watching Cytech demos, visitors were glad to learn that it has never been easier to get qualified as a cycle mechanic, with Cytech Technical One Theory now available completely online, and until the end of February, with 50% off the price.

The interest in Cytech courses was evident through ATG’s prize draw to win home mechanic gear, with over 1000 entries received. 

Of all the completed entries received the first to be drawn by the independent adjudicator was:

Mr David Coxhead. Proprietor, Bristows Cycles

David wins the Wheel Truing stand 

Park Tools

Park Tools Wheel truing stand

Next to be drawn was:

Mr Robin Warr
from Greenich – London
Robin wins the Advanced Park Tools mechanic kit

Park Tools Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

Park Tools Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

Congratulations to both Messrs Coxhead and Warr. 

If you have not won a prize don’t be sad, there is much to be gained from attending a Cytech course at one of ATG Training’s world class cycle workshops. Course dates and venues can be found here

Thanks to all of you who entered.

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Ian Harper at the London Bike Show 2012


ATG Training were at the London Bike Show between 12th and 15th January 2012. CEO Ian Harper took a few moments out from speaking to some of the 1,000+ visitors to the Cycle stage we shared with The Association of Cycle Traders, to share his knowledge and experience of the event. This short video will give you a flavour of what happened at Excel in London Docklands.

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It’s all over!

It’s all over (for now at least…)
So, Sunday was the big day! Training had seemed to be dragging on forever, but sorting out the kit ready to put into the transition areas and giving the bikes a once over the day before, it seemed that it had flown by!
If you are thinking about doing a Triathlon (then it means I must try harder to put you off) then you need to know that it does involve quite a lot of faff. In fact doing the event was the easy bit! We had to make sure that we had the correct equipment in the correct transition areas (T1 was from the swim onto the bike, T2 was from the bike onto the run) so that I wouldn’t have to do the bike stage in a swimming hat and goggles and the run with a bike helmet on.
As Caroline my girlfriend was also doing the event, this meant we had a packed car boot for the journey down!
We arrived nice and early and it was a bit of a hike from the car to the registration tent where we had to sign up, get marked up on the left arm and right leg with our race numbers, pick up a nasty flavoured energy drink and drop our T1 bags off.
It was then a hike back to the car to pick up the bikes and go back to the race start, where we had to wait until twenty minutes before our start time when we could rack our bikes and drop our kit off in T2.
It was then a quick walk to the pool where we lined up in number order to receive our safety briefing and to start the event (we would be set off in twenty second intervals in the pool)
The pool itself was the part I wasn’t looking forward to and true to form the pool was really choppy with lots of wanna be egos giving it the large. Fortunately for me there was the odd breast stroker going up and down the pool, so I took solace from that!
5,4,3,2… the lady at the side of the pool counted me down, which was a bowel loosening experience (maybe I could have had a clear pool that way…) …1, GO! And off I went in a flurry of feet, arms and bubbles and was promptly overtaken by, well, everyone it seemed!
After swallowing copius amounts of water and having the odd cough, I sprinted manfully from the pool and donned my cycle kit and helmet (well, people were watching after all) I ran out of T1 and hopped on the bike with the encouragement of the lap guy who shouted at me to “get on with it” or something like that.
The bike stage went really well (obviously) and I overtook lots of people and even the odd car!
I then honed into T2 and picked up my running shoes and cap and sprinted manfully again onto the running course, where I had to stop for a wee behind a tree halfway round the second lap ‘doing a Radcliffe’ apparently.
The event went really well and I finished in 167th out of 273, with a time of 1h 36mins, which was only 6mins off my predicted time. I’m gutted that Simon got a flat on the bike stage because I know it would have been a photo finish otherwise. Caroline did really well finishing in 81st position out of 136 women.
I’d do another one for sure (in fact Simon and I are looking at one in Oxford early August) but I’m really looking forward to the holiday in Italy where I can do nothing for a week first!

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Cycle Maintenance

Matt Goodrich - Divisional Head - Cycle Training

ATG Training has been selected as a training partner for London’s Cycle Hire Scheme.  ATG will advertise and select 29 apprentices to work on the London hire fleet.

The apprentices will be attending ATG’s world-class Cycle Training Academy in Aylesbury for ten days in April and will then be assessed in their new roles until the summer.  ATG faced competition from numerous London-based competitors but won the business because of its national reputation and stunning facilities.

Another step on ATG’s path to becoming the first point of contact for all things cycle-related.  Serco, who are running the London Cycle Hire Scheme, are discussing other partnering opportunities for ATG.

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Cycles sales the best for the last six months

The British Retail Consortium reported for total UK retail sales growth in October with like for like cycle retail sales growth increased to 7.3% in the specialist sector in October, the highest growth rate in the last 6 months and nearly double the 3.8%.

This is encouraging news for the Cycle Training sector, with even more consumers needing to have their pride and joys serviced correctly.

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Italy’s New Bike Buying Incentive Scheme is Super Success

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the UK government were as fully behind green issues as our continental cousins? One day maybe – one day.

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Tra-velo-gue around the world

David Piper cycles around the world in his holidays

ValleyoftheGods‘Belligerent cyclist’ , David Piper, has just completed the USA leg of his round the world cycle ride. Reasoning that he could not take off enough time to cycle around the world in one go, he is doing it as time and holidays allow.

Check out the story so far at his Tra-velo-gue. Can you see what he did there? When at home in Cornwall, Davids bike is lovingly prepared by Cytech qualified mechanics at Cycle Logic.

Show your support by donating to his favorite charity, Scope.

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