Jules’ and Simons Triathlon progress…

Hi everyone,

No doubt you’ll be wondering how Simon and myself have been getting on since the last installment, so wonder no more, here’s what’s been happening!

I shall start with an apology for those of you unfortunate enough to witness me in my lycra Triathlon shorts when I decided to go for a run on my lunchbreak a couple of weeks ago. The nightmares will wear off I’m sure…

The reason for my renewed zest towards running was investing in a pair of decent quality running shoes. I had been looking at the running shoes in places like JJB sports, but to be honest with you, had no idea of what I needed or required. I just looked at those that had nice colours!

However on a recent trip to Westfield shopping centre in Shephards Bush I happened across an Addidas store which offered a ‘gait analysis’ this involves you running across a pressure pad (which is linked to a laptop) which shows exactly how your foot strikes the ground when running. Apart from feeling a bit of a plonker, it showed me that I have a ‘neutral’ running style and I was reccomended a selection of shoes to try. Obviously the ones that felt the best were the most expensive, so I was keen to try them out on the 6.8km run back from the swimming pool the very next day, expecting a shoe that made me feel like I was running on down cushioned velvet, and a run time slashed in half.

Well… the only thing that was slashed was the bottom of my foot thanks to a massive blister and a strange bruise to my lower back. Hmmm. Not what I was expecting. But, having braved the pain, the shoes are now living up to the price tag.

The Swimming is going well and I have learnt a couple of ‘drills’ which have made the breathing issues I had during front crawl less of a problem. I am still very good at swallowing lungfulls of pool though… one good website I have found for helping me with my crawl (or freestyle as the pro’s call it) is: http://www.swimsmooth.com/aboutmrsmooth.html it contains an animation of how the perfect stroke should look.

Cycling wise I have managed a couple of 40 mile loops, and have helped my girlfreind purchase a road bike (a Specialized Dolce) which is womens specific and we had some really good service from the Specialized concept store in Ruislip (see the links below for the bike and the store)



It’s a shame that Simons off ill this week, although maybe that gives me a week of extra fitness! Damn my competitive nature! That’s all for now, come and see me in the workshop downstairs sometime for live updates!


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