Cycle Show 2012 Cycle Show 2012 – 28th-30th September 2012. NEC, Birmingham – Stand F60

The Cycle Show will return to the NEC, Birmingham on 28th – 30th September 2012 with a number of heavy-weight bike brands, such as Specialized, Trek and Madison, joining the line up from last year.

This year the show will host an array of new interactive features. After the show closes on Saturday, the action will move outside for a super criterium featuring an elite line up of international riders.

Running alongside the show on Sunday will be the last Tour Ride of the season – with a challenge and pro sportive. Inside the show, you’ll find a new MTB pump track, electric bike village, and a VIP lounge where you can meet pro riders, medallists and celebs. Visit for more information.

Whether you are looking for the latest innovations from specialist brands, wanting to try out a new bike or see the best riders compete, The Cycle Show offers an amazing day out for everyone.

Cytech Technical Advice Area Various demonstrations and Q&A sessions will be available from ATG training. Cytech experts will be provided for the duration of the show along with tool benches and demo bikes.

You’ll have the chance to learn skills that are essential in the world of bikes and discover the career possibilities if you became a Cytech qualified mechanic.

We look forward to seeing you at stand F60.


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It’s Day 3 of National Apprenticeship Week 2012!

If you haven’t already logged on to our website,, and looked at the wide range of Apprenticeship vacancies we’re currently recruiting for, then do it now!

There are oportunities in fashion, marketing, gardening and manufacturing.

If you need any advice, call 0845 8949530 and we’ll be happy to help!

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Ian Harper at the London Bike Show 2012


ATG Training were at the London Bike Show between 12th and 15th January 2012. CEO Ian Harper took a few moments out from speaking to some of the 1,000+ visitors to the Cycle stage we shared with The Association of Cycle Traders, to share his knowledge and experience of the event. This short video will give you a flavour of what happened at Excel in London Docklands.

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Thank you

Welcome to ATG Training and thank you for visiting us today. If you are a new visitor, we hope you can find the information you are seeking. If your are a returning visitor you will notice a few changes to the site, which we hope you like. Over the coming weeks futher enhancements are due, so please come back from time to time to see the updates.

We now have dedicated sites for all the different markets. So those of you who have been following our cycle news, there is a new home for this at Save this address to follow and contibute to the cycle industry.

We would love to hear your opinions so please use the feed back forms on the site to let us know what you think.

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Juice (lube) me up!!

Product of the week!

Suspension units need to be well looked after and serviced in accordance with the manufacturers specifications in order to keep them factory plush. We all know this right?

One of the products you can use AFTER EACH AND EVERY RIDE to keep the dust wiper seals from becoming to draggy and to reduce the applicable stiction that this causes (resulting in a slow and stutter fork – with possible foam wiper ring damage) is the (incredible) Fork Juice from Juice Lubes.

Using Fork Juice also prevents dirt from sticking to the stanchions reducing the chance of them becoming scratched and drawing muck into the expensive internal workings.

Juice Lubes themselves confirm that this is not ‘a fork service in a can’ but will help to prolong the useable life of the fork.

To quote from the back of the can “as the single most expensive component on your bike it makes sense to lubricate your suspension – after all, you wouldn’t ride your bike without lubing the chain would you?”

Fork Juice can also be used to prep your bike for a muddy ride – spray onto the downtube to prevent the horrible build up of cack that will inevitably happen at this time 364 days a year here in the UK.

The only pre-requisite for use is to ensure that you wipe of any existing dirt and grime before application (oh and keep it well away from your disc rotors and pads…)

A top product of the week, if you don’t have some in your workshop, go buy some today!!!

Check out for more info, and a big thanks to Will from Velo Brands for kindly sorting us with a big box of Juice Lubes FOC for use on our Cytech L3 suspension courses. Top work!

If you’d like to find out more about suspension care and servicing procedures – book yourself onto one of our L3 suspension courses here at ATG-Training pronto!!

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DT Swiss XMC 100 cutaway

It’s not every day I find myself taking a lathe to an expensive pair of carbon suspension forks (honest!) but that’s exactly the situation I found myself in at the Cytech  workshop last week.

Why commit such a wanton act of destruction Jules? Have you gone mad? Well… no, thankfully and in answer to your first question I had been asked by the guys at Madison (official UK importer for DT Swiss) to prepare a cutaway of one of their top end suspension forks, the quite lovely and very light XMC 100.

Our first job was to disassemble the fork to remove the lowers and internals to allow us to machine away the stanchions and lowers to reveal the internals. A point worthy of note here is that the DT Swiss lowers were different to remove than the ‘footnut – crush washer’ assembly of the Rockshox units, the bolts are reverse threaded into the bottom of the lowers and to remove the lowers you need to screw the bolts INTO the fork legs freeing the lowers using a 4mm hex key.

The forks were air sprung, so not much to see on the spring side save for a few elastomer bottom out bumpers. The interesting part was the Damper leg, which, when we removed the cartridge, bore more than a passing resemblance to a Fox FIT unit. Further investigation of the ‘Twin Tube’ unit revealed separate damping circuits for compression and rebound with some neat, if tiny, shim stacks. We were impressed with the unit and a lot of thought seems to have gone into it. Shame we’d never get to ride it!!

I was a little concerned about cutting through the Carbon Fibre, I needed to leave a good clean edge and Carbon is not the nicest of materials for your health when being cut, so the correct safety measures had to be followed.

My concerns were ill founded as the Carbon was dead easy to cut through (with the correct tool of course!) if not a little bit scary given the cost of the stuff!!

With the lowers prepped, we moved on to machining the stanchions which I had foolishly believed to be the easy part of the job… It wasn’t. The Stanchions are hard anodized and getting the machine tool to bite through them proved challenging (the good news is I wouldn’t be concerned about rock damage to them on the trail after having done this!!) We had to jig up a special tool to hold the Stanchions whilst they were being machined and then prepare the edges to allow them to slide back into the lowers correctly.

Once we had trial fitted the lowers and were happy with the fit, we re-installed the damper and air spring cartridges and gave the unit a good ‘show’ polish ready for it to be displayed on the DT Swiss stand at the recent Ice Bike show. Did you see them? Now you know how they were done!!

If you fancy learning more about the specifics of suspension then get yourself booked onto a Cytech Level 3 Suspension course here at ATG-Training pronto!!

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L3 Road hits our Manchester branch!

Following the succesfull Launch of the L3 Road course here in our Aylesbury Training Centre, the course was launched in our Manchester centre to a group keen to learn about the complexities of the road bike.

Level 3 road follows on from the success of our Level 3 MTB qualification and gives participants the opportunity to understand the correct fitting and adjustment procedures for high end road gruppos from Sram, Campagnolo and Shimano (including Di2) we also look at the technical specifications in detail taking into account things like shift speed analysis, weight comparisons and percentage differences in the gear ratios for each system.

The course helps learners to understand the measurements that will need to be taken from a bicycle in order to carry out an effective frame swap and get the bike set up to exactly the riders preferences and offers an introduction into fitting a bike to the rider (please note that this is not a comprehensive fitting class – but will help to explain what is looked for when sizing a bike to rider – watch this space though…) We also take a look at correct clipless pedal set up and cleat adjustments.

Finally we explore the complex wheelsets found on high end road bikes and give learners the chance to strip apart and rebuild the likes of Mavics R-sys and Cosmic Carbone wheelsets, aswell as looking at some of the more traditional road wheel building techniques and the correct installation of tubular tyres.

At the end of the course learners are critiqued on thier set up ability and feedback is given everything from bar tape to logo placement is looked at and commented upon allowing learners to set up bikes ready to be used by a proffesional and looking good enough to use in a magazine photo shoot!

Here are a few pictures of the finished articles from the course:

‘Buzz’ ZR3 with Sram Force

‘Buzz’ ZR3 with Ultegra / Dura – Ace 7900 mix

‘Buzz’ ZR3 with Campagnolo Record 11 speed

Cervelo Soloist with Shimano Di2 (internal routing)

Fancy getting your hands on these? Then book yourself onto a Cytech L3 Road Course with us here at ATG-Training!

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Level 3, this time it’s road…

Those of you following us here at ATG-Training will know that we ran our first Level 3 course that was aimed purely at the road scene last week.

What a week it was! We started out by building factory wheels from DT Swiss Shimano and Mavic and showed how to lace Snowflake, Crows Foot and Three leading three trailing patterns. We also showed learners how to tie and solder and correctly install tubulars.

We had a day focusing on the technical developments of the road bike and discussed things like frame materials and geometrys, how to switch a set up from one bike to another bike so that it rides exactly how the last set up did and looked breifly at the different types of fit system there are to fit bike to rider. We also demonstrated the correct steps to take to perfect clipless pedal set up and worked out the similarities and differences between gear inches from a standard and compact chainset.

The last couple of days were devoted to high end groupsets. Learners had the chance to experience the latest from Shimano (Dura-Ace 7900 and Di2) Sram (Force) and Campagnolo (Record) learning how the different gruppos required different installation and set up techniques and how to get the maximum from them with a great looking set up that a Pro would be proud of.

Everyone had a fantastic week and learned loads of valuable tips that will see them achieving a great riding road bike – every time!

If you fancy learning more about the Road bike, then book yourselves onto Level 3 road!

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Level 3 Road!

We are really pleased with our Level 3 Mountain Bike course here at ATG-Training and are proud to announce the addition of a Road Bike Level 3 course to accompany it.

We have invested in lots of shiny new kit that you wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to play with in the workshop, if the pictures don’t get your juices flowing then I don’t know what will!

The course covers:

 Advanced Wheels – where we look at Custom Lacing patterns, tying and soldering, combination lacings, installing Tubular tyres and factory built wheels from the likes of Shimano and Mavic.

Road Bike Tech and set-up – where we look at frame materials and technologies, clipless pedal set-up, an introduction to frame sizing and correct se-up of a road bike and correct frame preparation methods for high end road bikes.

Road Groupsets – where we look at correctly installing Top end groupsets from the likes of Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo

We’re really exited about this, what an opportunity! If you are as keen as we are to get your hands on some top end shiny kit, then get yourselves booked onto the Level 3 road course at Atg-training  pronto!!

A big thanks to Madison for providing us with the Dura-ace Di2 and Dura-ace 7900, Fisher Outdoor Leisure for providing us with Sram Force and RJ Chicken for providing us with Camapagnolo Record.

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Sram visit ATG

Students attending our Cytech level 3 suspension course got a rare treat today when the

Fisher outdoor neutral support Sram van arrived early in the morning.

The very impressive Sram support van

John Harris from fishers helped us deliver the practical day of our new re written 2 day suspension course that includes Suspension and linkage theory as well as full practical sessions striping and re building suspension units.

John Harris from Fishers in full swing

John took our learners through a full re build of a Rockshox Vivid rear shock as well as full servecing on forks and air shocks.

A big thanks goes out to Fishers and john for providing incredible support and for dedicating their time to helping us deliver quality training.

John shows us his piston head

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