It’s time for another of ATG-Trainings renowned ‘Tool of the week’!

This week I am nominating the Rockshox shock pump. “But why?!” I hear you cry… well, your fully suspended air sprung bike would be pretty useless without one, that’s why!!

I like the fact that it is compact enough to fit in your trail pack without too much weight penalty and, like a featherweight boxer, it packs a pretty mean punch for its size, packing up to 300 P.S.I for those of us who like cakes and pies as much as we do riding.

It’s a tool everyone can use, but like with all tools, an experienced toolmeister knows a few extra bits of info about the humble shock pump.

Did you know for example, that the ‘hiss’ from the shock when you remove the shock pump, is actually from the pipe of the shock pump rather than the air can? What theneedle says on the dial is what is in the shock, the reason it reads 5-10 P.S.I lower is that the air has to travel from the shock, through the hose and THEN register the dial.

Also, when you screw the shock pump onto the valve, make sure you thread it on until the needle registers and only a half to three quarters of a turn after this. Turning it any more could damage the threads on the valve and your shock pump.

So, there we have it, a Simple to use, compact, indespensible tool. More than enough reason for it to deserve the ‘tool of the week’ accolade!

Fancy becoming an ‘experienced toolmeister’? then get your backside booked on a course with us here at ATG-Training!!!

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Kansi kool!!

Another arrival today at ATG was a trio of rather cool looking Kansi folding bikes courtesy Fisher outdoor leisure.

These bikes are super fun to ride, look good and fold in seconds.

This is part of some very exciting shiny new courses we will be launching at the cycle show in earls court next weekend.

The full Kansi range will be on show on the Fishers stand and if you get yourselves booked onto one of our new courses you may have the chance to learn the bikes inside out!

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Sram visit ATG

Students attending our Cytech level 3 suspension course got a rare treat today when the

Fisher outdoor neutral support Sram van arrived early in the morning.

The very impressive Sram support van

John Harris from fishers helped us deliver the practical day of our new re written 2 day suspension course that includes Suspension and linkage theory as well as full practical sessions striping and re building suspension units.

John Harris from Fishers in full swing

John took our learners through a full re build of a Rockshox Vivid rear shock as well as full servecing on forks and air shocks.

A big thanks goes out to Fishers and john for providing incredible support and for dedicating their time to helping us deliver quality training.

John shows us his piston head

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