Tool of the week

It’s everyones favourite, Tool of the week!

This week it’s (for me) one of possibly the more scary tools you can find in a Cytech Mechanics workshop, the bottom bracket tapset (in this case the venerable Park BTS-1).

Used wrongly this tool can be the harbinger of frame death, but, wielded skilfully and in the right hands, this tool can also be a saviour of frames, helping to clear out months (sometimes years) worth of clag from the threads of the BB shell making it far easier to thread the Bottom Bracket back into the frame.

Park also prints ‘left hand thread – right side of the bike’ and ‘right hand thread – left side of the bike’ onto the taps, making it nigh on impossible to use incorrectly and it is for these reasons we award it TOOL OF THE WEEK.

(If you like the look of this, but have never used one, then book yourself onto one of our courses here at ATG-training!!)

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