Smartphone App

The new ATG Training i-phone app is now available from the i-tunes market. Just search ATG Training and you will find it. Smartphone App home page screen
Alternatively follow this link.
The app features
•         Part of a bike
•         Cytech Training course information
•         120 question quiz, broken into 10 random questions bite sized peices
•         Google maps of the training venues
•         Our social media pages
•         Contact information with direct phone and emails from the app 
It is free to download. An Android version will shortly be available too for those of you who have that technology.

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London Bike Show – Free Prize Draw Winners

The London Bike Show returned bigger and better than ever for its second year at the ExCel, London.

There was a much larger bike presence than the previous year, with the cycle’s area dominating a whole hall.

The ACT were at the show to promote WorkRiders, the new cycling to work programme, and ATG Training, ActSmart’s partner Cytech provider.

The ACT partnered with the London Bike Show to support the Cycling Stage which was host to Cytech demonstrations delivered by ATG Training, guest speakers and auctions throughout the four day show.

Cytech Technical Advice ActSmart’s runner up Partner of the Year 2011, and Cytech Training Providers, ATG Training were on hand at the Cycling Stage to offer technical advice and carry out demonstrations. The demos were a huge success with crowds gathering to learn about everything from preparing your bike for commuting to truing a wheel.

 After watching Cytech demos, visitors were glad to learn that it has never been easier to get qualified as a cycle mechanic, with Cytech Technical One Theory now available completely online, and until the end of February, with 50% off the price.

The interest in Cytech courses was evident through ATG’s prize draw to win home mechanic gear, with over 1000 entries received. 

Of all the completed entries received the first to be drawn by the independent adjudicator was:

Mr David Coxhead. Proprietor, Bristows Cycles

David wins the Wheel Truing stand 

Park Tools

Park Tools Wheel truing stand

Next to be drawn was:

Mr Robin Warr
from Greenich – London
Robin wins the Advanced Park Tools mechanic kit

Park Tools Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

Park Tools Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

Congratulations to both Messrs Coxhead and Warr. 

If you have not won a prize don’t be sad, there is much to be gained from attending a Cytech course at one of ATG Training’s world class cycle workshops. Course dates and venues can be found here

Thanks to all of you who entered.

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Ian Harper at the London Bike Show 2012


ATG Training were at the London Bike Show between 12th and 15th January 2012. CEO Ian Harper took a few moments out from speaking to some of the 1,000+ visitors to the Cycle stage we shared with The Association of Cycle Traders, to share his knowledge and experience of the event. This short video will give you a flavour of what happened at Excel in London Docklands.

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Dirty weekend for the workshop!

Back when the nights were long, the weather warm and the trails dusty, we planned a workshop weekend away at a trail centre. More specifically, the trail centre at Afan forest Wales.

Everything was in place.The accomodation had been booked, Simon had loaded the bikes into the van, kit and people were loaded into the car and the weather… well, let’s just say that howling winds and heavy rain wasn’t really what we had hoped for! But we are a hardy bunch, so the prospect of some muddy trails didn’t bother us too much, as someone famous once said “there’s no such thing as the wrong weather – only the wrong clothes” and we’d packed for that…

We drove down from ATG Trainings Aylesbury base after work on Friday with myself Mat and Alex in my car and Simon and Gerrard in the van. Highlights were the Gingerbread Latte at Leigh Delamare services and Mat almost blowing chunks whilst map reading on a windy Welsh road.

Alex (Brown) was waiting for us with a freshly made spaghetti bolognaise and a few freshly cracked beers which cheered everyone up and despite a chiding from the lodges’ owner for having too many people, all was well with the word. A couple of MTB DVDs to get us ready for the next days riding and it was time for bed.

Saturday morning dawned grey and miserable, so after a couple of strong cups of Tea and rounds of Toast, helmets were donned, rain jackets zipped up and bikes given that last fettle before we headed out.

The first (and only given its 44km length) was the W2 trail, a combination of the legendary ‘Whites Level’ and ‘The Wall’ trails. To get to the trail head was a stretch of surfaced disused railway which was a nice warm up for the climb that followed. I really like the climb, it goes on for ages, but is technical enough to hold your interest so that you don’t realise how much elevation you have gained.

A nice break was had at the top of the climb and we took the chance to play on the first few berms of the black run descent which was our reward for the pain of that first climb. When everyone had re-grouped we hit the descent, which although it is graded as ‘Black‘ is more of a ‘Red‘ grade. It comprises some nice berms, board walks and a rock garden towards the end and there were some big smiles when we reached the bottom of the descent. These smiles became worried frowns as we waited for Gerrard to arrive. Just as we were thinking of calling the Welsh air ambulance service Gerrard arrived pushing his bike through the final rock garden having binned it off of one of  the boardwalk sections and lost his confidence. Selfishly he had decided to crash where no one else had been able to witness it, but we let him off on this occassion as he had a comedy crash coming onto the fire road later on for all to see.

After a breif bit of blazing our own trail to detour round a fallen tree, we reached the half way trail centre and stopped to have copius ammounts of Tea, flapjack, chips and cheese sarnies. It was said Cheese sarnie and flapjack that were almost seen on the next part of the ride as Simon and I stormed away up the second longest climb of the day. SImon definately had the legs on me and spurred on by the Euro guys in lcra just up ahead (and going for it) he span away from me to bridge the gap. I lost him as I was trying to hold back the flapjack and as I turned of onto a singletrack part of the climb he was nowhere to be seen, so believing he had a big lead on me, I pressed on and completed the ride on my tod. As it turned out, Simon had missed the turning, ridden all the way up the fire road, realised he was lost and road all the way back to the main bunch and the turning! Gutted!

Much beer and wine was consumed that evening and Alex B got his MasterChef hat on and cooked up a lovely indian dish which satiated our grumbling stomachs.

Sunday morning was the same as Saturdays, Dull and wet, but we pressed on to conquer ‘Skyline’ the shortened loop. SImon and I had fresh(ish) legs and hammered away from the group up the first climb, stopping halfway up to remove the rain jackets, and again at the top to put them back on again. At the top of the ridge it was exposed and the rain was whipping in as we hit the first rocky descent.

A shortcut has to be made along a section called ‘the July trail’ to shorten the Skyline loop and we got a bit discombobulated taking a rather miserable slow and boggy section through to the top of the final descent of the ride ‘Jetlag’ for me the best descent of the ride, nice and fast with rock drops and rollers. Perfect!

With brake pads cooked and legs and arms fried, we coasted back to the lodge and cleaned up ready for the journey home. When everyone was ready and the vehicles loaded we said our farewells and headed back tired but very happy.

Can’t wait ’til Triscombe!!

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Wheels but with a twist!

During our level 2 wheel building course this week, we challanged some of our learners to come up with some unorthadox ways of lacing a wheel.

Snowflakes, double snow flakes, 4 twist snowflakes, leading and trailing, leading and trailing twist and snowflake radial where some of my favs….

Jamie from Head for the hills cycles and Dale from Reg Taylor cycles both used there new Cytech level 2 knowlage to create some scary looking frankenstein wheels.


here are some pics of my favorites…

double snow flake taking shape

snow flake with 4 twists

3 trailing 3 leading

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Au a l’hopital??


 It’s pretty easy to see why “a year in the alps” is common place on allot of mountain bikers CVs….be it a mountain bike guide or maybe even a gap yar!

For me a week is never enough and even though this was my 9th trip to the holy land im still fixated by the place! 

 If you’re not riding your trying to justify selling up, moving out and staring your own business there but you know it wouldn’t last. For a start I don’t speak French even though I try…”un grand beire si vous plas monsuire” doesn’t really hold you in good stead when trying to convince there mayor to let you set up shop in his town. Also, what would I do when the snow comes? I couldn’t ride my bike that’s for sure and Cytech doesn’t cover ski equipment….yet…! 

Either way you talk yourself out of it…….and just as well as the injury to holiday ratio outthere is pretty high! This percentage increases tenfold if you’re riding all the time not to mention your bike gets a pure beating. But my trusty steed staying pinned together all week with only a few minor hiccups. 

 Anyway, we arrive in our beautiful chalet, dump the kit and get straight out onto the secret tracks we were shown last year. 

 Fresh, loamy turns, big jumps, and fast open sections with no braking bumps…..I wish! 

 Secret tracks out there last about 6 months. after that there sign posted better than the fire exits at the HSE, wider than the M25 and covered in braking bumps that make WW2 trenches look like cracks in the pavement…..Popeye arms and rattling bikes is not high on my “want” list.. 

 Luckily we found some new tracks and I was happy again. Off the brakes and off my head on pure mountain air. Nothing can go wrong. Everyone is having a good time. The sun is shining and the trails are sweet. Time for a crash then! 

 James Woodfeild, or my mate “beach” to most, the undisputed crash champion of the world had to do allot to beat his previous “epic fail” and he didn’t disappoint. 

 To say it was a big one is an understatement. Find yourself the steepest track in Switzerland. It has to be nice and open. No trees (the bike goes further this way and there’s nothing to catch you). Then you need to ride some really steep switch backs but don’t follow the switchbacks! that’s for girls….just huck off the back of the first one, making sure it’s a least 30ft to the landing below obviously making sure there’s plenty of cliffs and jagged rocks, and then proceeded to rag doll 100 meters down the mountain and scaring the living bejesus out of everyone your riding with, not to mention the nice people on the cable car going up for their turn at the now named “hucker turns”… 

 Off the mounting and straight to hospital using all the best pigeon French we have picked up to indicate that our friend has just almost died. They got the hint and ordered the meat wagon to come and take him away and the nice people at the bar even gave us all free beer whilst we waited. So we sit in the sun and chat about bikes drinking free beer. Not bad….oh sorry yes…so beach is injured and we are all really worried etc etc blar blar blar 

 That’s 1 down….who next?? 

 Well the answer came pretty quick the next day when our 5th member arrived gleeful knowing that he was going to spend 5 sunny days riding his beautiful new commencal in the Alps that was until we spotted the car tire makes on his bike bag. 

 1 pair of snapped boxxers later it was pretty clear he wasn’t riding and shuffled off to see how much it would hurt to rent a DH bike for the week. As it turns out its pretty painful. 

 Everyone else had the perfect week! Although we didn’t manage to get over to the world cup track at Champery but we rode some stuff that would make that look like a wee spin to the shops so imp not too fussed. 

 All in all a job well done and my bike is still in one piece ready for racing this weekend (I haven’t told the missus yet!!) 


sorry for the lack of photos! we where very busy riding!

where to go next year?

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Italy’s New Bike Buying Incentive Scheme is Super Success

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the UK government were as fully behind green issues as our continental cousins? One day maybe – one day.

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Grizedale Grinder

by Elaine Powell.

Me and Matt completed the Grizdale Challenge this weekend, the weather was perfect. The course was dry the sun was shining, we were both on new bikes, does life get any better!

The course was 2 laps of the Grizdale forest each lap was 16 miles of thigh burning climbing or super quick descents  After a slow painful 1st lap negotiating my way through traffic and probably walking up most of the uphill single tracks, my 2nd lap seemed to flyby. As the field spread out I was able to let rip on the downhill’s and really got into my pace on the up bits.

The last I saw of Matt was when he muscled his way to the front of the start… (I wish I had done the same) in comparison to me he flew round finishing 20th in a field of 600 plus. I came in 5th out of the ladies I’m not going to tell you what position over all.

It was a fantastic event it was encouraging to see so many competitors and spectators out enjoying the autumn sunshine. Wonder if  the Mary Towneley  Loop Challenge could become as popular?

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