Smartphone App

The new ATG Training i-phone app is now available from the i-tunes market. Just search ATG Training and you will find it. Smartphone App home page screen
Alternatively follow this link.
The app features
•         Part of a bike
•         Cytech Training course information
•         120 question quiz, broken into 10 random questions bite sized peices
•         Google maps of the training venues
•         Our social media pages
•         Contact information with direct phone and emails from the app 
It is free to download. An Android version will shortly be available too for those of you who have that technology.

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London Bike Show – Free Prize Draw Winners

The London Bike Show returned bigger and better than ever for its second year at the ExCel, London.

There was a much larger bike presence than the previous year, with the cycle’s area dominating a whole hall.

The ACT were at the show to promote WorkRiders, the new cycling to work programme, and ATG Training, ActSmart’s partner Cytech provider.

The ACT partnered with the London Bike Show to support the Cycling Stage which was host to Cytech demonstrations delivered by ATG Training, guest speakers and auctions throughout the four day show.

Cytech Technical Advice ActSmart’s runner up Partner of the Year 2011, and Cytech Training Providers, ATG Training were on hand at the Cycling Stage to offer technical advice and carry out demonstrations. The demos were a huge success with crowds gathering to learn about everything from preparing your bike for commuting to truing a wheel.

 After watching Cytech demos, visitors were glad to learn that it has never been easier to get qualified as a cycle mechanic, with Cytech Technical One Theory now available completely online, and until the end of February, with 50% off the price.

The interest in Cytech courses was evident through ATG’s prize draw to win home mechanic gear, with over 1000 entries received. 

Of all the completed entries received the first to be drawn by the independent adjudicator was:

Mr David Coxhead. Proprietor, Bristows Cycles

David wins the Wheel Truing stand 

Park Tools

Park Tools Wheel truing stand

Next to be drawn was:

Mr Robin Warr
from Greenich – London
Robin wins the Advanced Park Tools mechanic kit

Park Tools Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

Park Tools Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

Congratulations to both Messrs Coxhead and Warr. 

If you have not won a prize don’t be sad, there is much to be gained from attending a Cytech course at one of ATG Training’s world class cycle workshops. Course dates and venues can be found here

Thanks to all of you who entered.

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Time for a mid-week TOTW top up!!


I’ve nominated the Master Truing Jig from Park Tools as this weeks Tool Of The Week.

With more dials and adjustments than you can shake a large stick at, Parks MTJ or ‘Jig of Truth’ as it has come to be known here, gives the professional Tool Meister the readings they need to build wheels to within 0.2 to 0.1mm That’s a pretty fine tolerance I’m sure you’ll agree!

Combined with the DT Swiss spoke tension metre an experienced Tool Meister can build you a formidable set of hoops.

Fancy learning how to build wheels to this high standard? Then get yourself booked onto a wheel building course here at ATG-Training toot-sweet !!

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Tool of the week!!

I write this after a good busy week here in the ATG-training workshop.

The Cytech training is over, the building is quiet, the rain is beating down on the roof and it seems to be getting dark already. What better time to nominate a ‘Tool of the week’!

As the training is over, I feel the need for a frosty beverage and everyone knows that to enjoy a frosty beverage you need a tool to open it first, so it is with great pleasure that I nominate Parks amusingly titled BO-2 (Bottle Opener 2) as tool of the week as it allows me to sit back and enjoy said beverage with minimum bottle opening fuss. A perfect tool to end the week with.

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Tool of the week!!

This week I’d like to nominate to the prestigeous ranks of ‘Tool of the week’ the Park Tool DAG 1.

Sounding like an Irish pronounciation of ‘dog’ or an Australian slang term, the DAG 1 or to give it its full title Derailluer Alignment Guage 1 is a mighty handy bit of kit to have in the workshop given how suscepitible the derailluer hanger is to knocks, especially when fitted to a mountain bike.

DAG 1′s primary use should be as an alignment guage to tell you if the mech hanger is bent. She has an adjustable peg that you use to check the vertical and horizontal straightness of the hanger against sections of the rear wheel. It is therefore imperitive that the rear wheel be checked for truth before installing DAG 1 as otherwise she will give you an incorrect reading.

 Use her with caution on replaceable hangers which are just that REPLACEABLE! if they are out of shape that much then you may find that using DAG 1′s powers to pull it back again leaves you with half a hanger in your hands and half on the bike. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! I would excersise the caution stick even on Steel frames as if the hanger needs a lot of work then you may find the paint cracking off around the dropout.

DAG 1 (in the hands of a qualified Cytech Mechanic) has been known to save many frames from the reaper for another trip down ‘that’ section of trail…

(N.B – now superceded by DAG-2!)

Want to know how to use one of these? then get yourselves signed up to a Cytech course here at ATG-Training pronto!!

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