She lives!!!!

When Simon (who works upstairs doing the important behind the scenes paperworky type stuff here at ATG Training) said he was going to build a Tandem, we had to do a double take – “Sorry.. what?” and I have to say that personally speaking I felt stuck between dubious and aprehensive (which is never a good place to be stuck between).

Well… it turns out that it’s Simon who is having the last laugh!

With thanks to Craig from Rutland Cycling who was here with us last week on his Cytech Technical Two training and four cross wheels with brass washers built by Adam on his Advanced wheel building course , the Tandem is now fully completed and an absolute hoot to ride!

It’s maiden voyage was right here outside the Future Centre piloted by workshop trainers Matt and Jules (who are seasoned stunt proffesionals to boot) and of course its proud owner Simon. We are proud to say it passed the (all be it wobbly) first ride / PDI check and we all had goes at being the Pilot and Stoker.

It just left me wanting ‘one last go’ so I guess from that point of view I’m hooked! If you’ve never ridden one before, give it a go! You might just like it!!

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