It’s not easy being green

“It’s not easy being green” a colleague says this morning.  Wrong.  It is easy. 

Director of Learning and Skills

Not to abandon private cars, holidays or the other life-changing things – they are difficult for most.  But to turn a light off, shut down a computer, turn the heating down a degree, empty your car boot of rubbish, drive 5mph slower?  Easy. 

These are all marginal changes that accumulate to major savings and help the environment.  And none of them impinge upon personal freedoms or cause any great inconvenience. 

ATG occupies a large, air-conditioned, well-lit building.  It needs to if it is to provide comfortable premises suitable for its excellent courses.  We will work to reduce our energy consumption this year.  By every one of 82 staff making their own marginal saving.  We can feel proud of the environmental impact and share in the financial benefit.

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Plans for Education

Director of Learning and Skills

Director of Learning and Skills

I’ve had a look at the Conservatives’ plans for education in their first 100 days in power should they win the next election.  Michael Gove is the Shadow Education Secretary and most of his announcement concerns their plans for aspects of the schools system but work-based learning is a high priority in the latest education policy Paper from the Party.
Lord Baker was interviewed in the Times Ed last week and reflected on the fact that when he was first appointed Education Secretary by Margaret Thatcher, he was given a couple of months to go away and think about what he wanted to do. It isn’t like that now. Incoming Ministers are expected to hit the ground running with new policies and ideas.  I suspect it’s not just me that is nervous of rushed policy being bad policy.  For something as important as education, I would be more comfortable knowing that good minds had carefully considered what will impact on the lives of the next generation of young people.  We have had two decades of continuous change in education: Curricula, standards and examinations have changed constantly since the introduction of GCSEs twenty years ago.  There are many young people out there who are or were guinea pigs for the latest educational fad.  Employers are confused by the array of qualifications and grades now available and find it difficult to differentiate between candidates for jobs as a result.

Whatever changes to the school system materialise, they must prepare young people for employment.  It cannot be right that numeracy and literacy deficiencies have to be addressed in apprenticeships when apprentices will have already had at least eleven years of mandatory schooling.  Why are some young people leaving school with good grades but not able to apply their knowledge in employment?   I hope that whatever the colour of the new government, they think carefully about what they will change, adopt a long term, stable approach and ensure that employers’ needs are considered and catered for.  That is the only way to ensure that future generations of young people are developed to enter rewarding careers appropriate to their ability and subject expertise.

One final observation: Diplomas were notable by their absence……

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quick funding guide

With the ever changing funding criteria um, ever changing, we have produced a quick guide to help you see what might be available to you.

We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible but sometimes even we struggle to keep up!

The apprenticeship programme is available to individuals aged between 16 and 24 as long as they don’t hold a degree. Places are pretty limited so availability changes on a daily basis.

Train to Gain is available to anyone aged 19+ regardless of prior level of qualification.

Read the guide to funded cycle maintenance qualifications in more detail here.

We’re happy to talk you through the options, just contact us for more info (details on the main website).

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