Apprenticeships Open The Door To Boardroom For Ambitious Youngsters

Apprentices are not only a means for employers to prevent future skills gaps in theirATG_boardroom_241213 workforce. Young people who start their career journey with an apprenticeship have a good chance of securing management positions at the company training them. What is more, former apprentices can go as high as the boardroom, with 20% of employers found to have a former apprentice currently holding a board-level position.

Research undertaken to coincide with the third annual City & Guilds Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers list provides further proof of the value employers place on apprentices and their commitment to offering former trainees the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. According to the findings, 33% of participating employers have former apprentices in various management positions.

A separate survey among companies making it into the list further highlights the value of apprenticeships and the opportunities open to young people choosing that path. An impressive 89% of respondents said that they would take the apprenticeship route if they were embarking on their career journey now. It also emerged that the average employer had former apprentices occupying 30% of senior management positions.

How long does it take for an apprentice to rise through the ranks and secure a management role? According to 51% of employers, trainees are looking at an average of five years before reaching such a position, while 33% specified the same length of time for non-apprentices.

When former apprentices are promoted to management positions, they bring various skills to the job and the highest rated among them is knowledge of the business, which was listed by 98% of interviewees. The top three skills list is completed by job experience (95%) and industry specific skills (93%).


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