Team ATG get dirty!

Team ATG get dirty at the Muc Off 8 Mountain Bike Enduro…

Sat in a warm workshop this January planning to ride an eight hour mountain bike event didn’t seem that daunting.
I have plenty of time to train (I thought) it will be warm and dry by then (maybe!) I’ll be part of a team of four so it won’t be that hard…
In the words of the Dr Pepper advert – “what’s the worst that could happen?”

Stood shivering covered in a mud in a windy field down in East Sussex after a brutal lap of the course hadn’t figured back then…

But here we were (Jason, Gerrard, Simon and myself) at the Muc Off 8 Mountain Bike Enduro!
The theory is to see how many laps of the (frankly punishing) course you could do in eight hours.
There were teams of four like ourselves, teams of two and nutters who had entered it on their own!

We rocked up in the ATG van and pitched our tents before heading out for a lap of the course, which had some cheeky downhill sections and horrendously muddy / rooty bits.
Simon and I took off at our own pace and Jason and Gerrard followed.

It was a hard course and we got back nicely out of puff and ready for a beer (the rehydration choice of all top quality athletes such as ourselves)

After a few more beers and some awesome camp stove bolognaise, we were ready for a cold night in the tents. We woke up n the morning freezing cold and praying for the sun to break through the morning cloud.
Breakfast was Bacon Butties with copious amounts of Tomato Sauce and sugary tea.

I was to start the race first (I was told this by the team captain) which meant I had to be on the start line for 8.45am ready to race for 9am. On a Sunday.
The race was run with a ‘Le-Mans’ style start which meant that I had to rack my bike in a transition area and run 200 metres to it before beginning the first lap. Joy.

The event was enjoyed by all (despite some timing chip and bike cleaning issues!) and we left tired but happy (and with a free t-shirt!) and vowed to come back faster / fitter / with new bikes for next years event.

Here is a link to our times and final positions:

Here’s one to some photo’s:
(our race number was 301 – put this into the search bar at the top)

More Photo’s on this link,

A freind of mine also got his bike onto Dirt Magazines website! (this shows you how muddy it was!!)

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